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7 minutes

How We Find Private Label Products to SELL on Amazon... the exact steps

In this video you can see the exact way we quickly and easily find a shortlist of potential private label products to sell on Amazon.

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The Magic Button...

Just what exactly is Helium10's Xray Tool?

It’s really time consuming to manually find potential products and get the data you need. But not anymore...

In the video we show you an awesome tool that we use. It’s a little button that sits in your Chrome browser and all you have to do is pull up a keyword search, a bestseller list or a category listing on Amazon and click the button. 

Then the magic happens…

  • In seconds, it pulls ALL the data for EVERY product in the search results into an organised table.
  • It gives you vital data such as Monthly Sales that is just not possible to get the manual way.
  • You can quickly see which products are viable candidates, add them to your short-list and move on in seconds.

Others will be spending hours doing what you do in a few clicks. It really is the most effective way we've found to quickly get data about product opportunities and shortlist good opportunities for products to sell on Amazon.

We've arranged a special offer for the Secret Entrepreneur Tribe to get your very own FREE Helium10 Account... which includes access to ALL the Helium10 tools including Xray and Blackbox but... Helium10 might get a bit nervous if we give away too many free accounts so get yours now while you can.

So use the link below to grab yours now and supercharge your product research!

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