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The 5 “easy to fix” Reasons… that have so far STOPPED you from Starting your DREAM Businessand it’s not even your fault!

The 5 Reasons STOPPING you Starting your DREAM Business

I’m in the fortunate position where I’ve seen thousands of people come through Secret Entrepreneur who want to start a business.

They want something to change in their life… and are sick and tired of that horrible feeling at the pit of their stomach each day… when they go to the job they don’t want to be doing (you know THAT feeling!).

Some have even tried to start a business before… and just not been successful for one reason or another.

So why is it… that some people seem to effortlessly grow their dream business... while others struggle time and time again... and are stuck doing something they HATE?

Well, the crazy thing is… I see the same reasons over and over again that are stopping them…

And usually, it’s not even their fault… and is easily fixed once you know what needs to be fixed!

So… let’s take a look at the 5 top reasons…

Reason #1
Starting the WRONG Business… that won’t deliver what YOU really want

When you’re looking to start a business… there are many different routes… more now than ever with the endless opportunities the internet has opened up... and it can feel incredibly overwhelming to be faced with the sheer number of options out there.

However, the single biggest pitfall we see… is people choosing the WRONG business to start… and taking the wrong path for your personality… and what you ultimately want to GET OUT of a business.

It’s not ALWAYS about the money… in fact for most people having TIMEFREEDOM… and CHOICE is much more important.

What drives you… may be different from what drives me… and there’s nothing wrong with that…

But… get clear upfront on what it is you actually want… and then shape your business to deliver just that.

We’ve seen many Secret Entrepreneurs go on to build successful businesses… but actually end up more stressed and unhappy than before… because it didn’t deliver what they really wanted deep down.

You can take our free 60 second quiz… to help you get instant clarity about the type of business that’s right for YOU… and make sure that is aligned with what you really want in life.

Reason #2
You've Tried (and failed) before… perhaps many times…

As a Secret Entrepreneur… you may well have tried many times to start a business.

I started my first business building computers back in school when I was 14… and I’ve tried many other businesses since then.

Some did OK… others failed miserably!

My point is… as an entrepreneur this is NORMAL.

Read any successful entrepreneur’s autobiography… and you’ll find a long list of failed or mediocre attempts at business… before they hit the right path.

Tinkering with business… is in our DNA. We can’t help it!

What separates the ones who just tinker… and those who go on to setup life changing businesses is…

  • They don’t LOSE CONFIDENCE and give up if something they try doesn’t work out.
  • Instead… they LEARN from the experience… and make better decisions in their next attempt.

Also over time… through trial and error… they tend to work out exactly what they want their business to do for them… and when they eventually find the business that can deliver that… they develop a passion to make it work that they’ve never had before.

Reason #3
Always chasing the Quick Win…

It’s easy to fall into this trap… I’ve heard it being called “Shiny Object Syndrome” before!

  • You see an opportunity that grabs your interest… and that’s promising to “make you rich quick”!
  • So you give it a go… but you don’t really know what you're doing… so inevitably it doesn’t work…
  • Then something else catches your attention… that sounds better… so you jump to that one and give THAT a go…

Let’s be honest… many of us start out like this… I know I’ve done my fair share of chasing in the past!

However, instead of chasing shiny objects… do you think you could be more successful if you found a proven business model and rather than just trial and error… you spent your time smartly following that framework?

I learned this from Tony Robbins many years ago… who said…

“If you want to achieve SUCCESS… all you need to do is find a way to MODEL those… who have ALREADY succeeded”


To start a business there are two choices…

  1. Quickest Path: Find someone who’s done it before to guide you… so you don’t have to go through the trial and error… and you can avoid all the mistakes they made.
  2. Self-Discovery Path: go on the journey yourself… but with the mindset that you’ll learn from your experiences and recycle that to do better next time.

But… is there a business you can start today… put no effort in… and be making lots of money next week? … ABSOLUTELY NOT! (buy a lottery ticket for that!)

But if you’re prepared to work at it… and follow a proven business model… then in a few weeks time… you can certainly be making SOME profit… and have laid the groundwork for a business which in the next year could change your life forever.

Reason #4
“I’ll do it tomorrow”

Procrastination is something EVERYBODY struggles with… I know I have to consciously work on it on a daily basis.

But it’s possibly the most important thing you can work on to change the trajectory of your life.

Become ADDICTED to TAKING ACTION and getting things DONE.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t do things tomorrow… they first work out if it’s important to do… and if it is… they get it done… or at least in motion.

One of the most important rules I follow is something I like to call “The 5-Second Rule”.

I learned this from Mel Robbins, who said…

“Once you’ve decided to do something… you must physically move and take some sort of action within 5 seconds… or your brain WILL talk you out of it.”


Think about it… isn’t it so true?

Now… tasks vary in size, and you can’t spend your whole life doing all tasks within 5 seconds!

But here’s the takeaway…

The MOST important thing is taking the 1st step… just do the smallest action you can think of… to get the wheels in motion…

Once the task is in-motion… it doesn’t seem as overwhelming… and you’ve just changed the way your brain sees that task.

What you’ll find is things will naturally start to happen… your brain will be getting excited about moving things on…

Do you think if you got good at this “game” of continually taking action (however small) … you could achieve much more?

How about we start right now… instead of the overwhelming thought of starting a business… a simple first step you could take in the next 2 minutes… would be to take our free quiz and see what type of business would be right for you…

Reason #5
Thinking you need to be an EXPERT in EVERYTHING!

When you’re starting out… you’re a one-person operation… so you need to learn and do everything… right?

Well actually NO… and if you approach it like this… you’re likely to fail (I’ve seen it too many times before).

The dawn of the internet age has opened up a world of opportunity. In the old days… either you did something yourself, or you hired an employee to come and sit next to you and do it for you.

Nowadays… not only is it easy to work remotely… but this has also spawned the “Gig Economy”.

This means as a business owner you have unprecedented access to experts in every imaginable field… who you can hire to do single tasks for you.

Need a logo designed… hire an experienced and creative graphics designer for a one-off job (a “gig”).

Writers... Coders... IT experts… Translators… Customer Support… or someone to deal with your Accounts or file your Taxes… anything you can think of you might need... there's experts you can tap into.

Just post the “gig” on a marketplace like… and within an hour you’ll probably have 10+ experts quoting to do the job for you.

And… you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this is. There are even sites like where you can get small tasks done for… as the name suggests… $5!

If you have regular or longer-term tasks that need doing… a great way to find Superstar Staff is via the gig economy… and then hire them part or full-time to work for you remotely.

If you try to do everything yourself… you will soon get overwhelmed… and ultimately you won’t be building a business… you’ll just be replacing your job (and probably working more hours than you used to!).

Instead by utilizing other people’s expertise to get things done… you can spend YOUR time working ON your business… not IN your business.

Do you think if you spent the majority of your time on more important strategic tasks… and left the day-to-day tasks to the experts (who can do it much better than you anyhow!)… your business would grow?

Key Takeaways

So, these are the 5 most common reasons I see… that tend to stop people from achieving success and creating their dream business.

Here’s a Summary of the Key Takeaways…

  • Get clear upfront on WHAT it is you actually WANT… and then shape your business to deliver just that.
  • Don’t lose your confidence if you’ve tried to start a business before… this is normal… successful entrepreneurs don’t give up… instead they LEARN from the experience and do it better next time.
  • Don’t chase shiny objects… instead find a way to MODEL those who have ALREADY succeeded… and avoid the trial and error.
  • Use the 5 second rule to eliminate the procrastination that’s holding you back… just do the smallest thing you can think of that gets the wheels in motion… and before you know it, you’ll become addicted to TAKING ACTION and getting things DONE.
  • Don’t try to be an expert in everything… you will soon get overwhelmed and do a poor job… instead use the gig economy to tap into other people’s expertise to get things done… so you can spend YOUR time working ON your business… not IN your business.

But I think perhaps the single biggest takeaway… is to make sure you line up the business you create… with what you want your life to look like.

And that’s what led us down the path of creating our popular Quiz… where you can get instant clarity about the type of business that’s right for YOU… and make sure that it’s aligned with what you really want in life.

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