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Making The Decision to Become An Entrepreneur

Making the Decision to Become an Entrepreneur

Sometimes you are faced with an opportunity, often a time limited opportunity...

You have to make a decision whether to take that opportunity and change your life or whether to stick with the safe option, the one that you’re used to.

You know that that opportunity will probably not come around again and it’s now or never, but for most people they retreat when faced with this type of tough choice. They prefer safety, rather than chasing the dream of freedom, time and money.

My Journey...

A number of years ago, I was in the same position, debating whether to jump into Entrepreneurship.

Well that wasn’t really the decision, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, with little businesses on the side, earning a few thousand here and there, but I’d never really committed to it, and really gone for it.

As a teenager, I always dreamed of being a entrepreneur and thought I’d be a millionaire by the time I was 30…

That didn’t happen... Why? Because I took the safe route.

Corporate World

After school I trained to be an Accountant with the thought that I can run my own business after I have the security of a qualification. What happened? I ended up spending 15 years in the corporate world.

Ok I worked my way up to a very senior position with a good salary, but it was long hours, very stressful, not very rewarding or motivating and not what I wanted to be doing.

I started to realize that time is limited and the more we put off things the harder it becomes to achieve dreams and goals.

So… instead of just thinking about it, I decided to actually do something.

I gave up the security of my job and started to live off savings while I tried to build up a business. It wasn’t easy and it was hard to make enough money to get by – but I was determined.

I made mistakes, I got involved in businesses and markets that just didn’t work, but I learned from those mistakes and always had a thirst for learning and bettering myself. I found business courses that taught me new skills and methods to grow businesses fast.

Some of these courses I ummed and arrghhed for a little while about the cost, but in the end I took action and joined.

I’m so glad that I did because some of them like Amazing Selling Machine helped me to grow successful businesses that are now the foundation of my group of companies.

Time for a New You?

Never be afraid to accept help from others and to spend money on your continued development as an Entrepreneur.

You can probably learn it all by yourself but it will take years longer than if you learn from the success (and failures) of others.

That’s just logical, plain common sense.

Today, I wake up every morning, walk downstairs to my home office with a cup of coffee in hand and can’t wait to get started.

I have the freedom to take days off, work non-standard hours and arrange appointments or deliveries whenever I want. Just the thought of ever having to go back to a regular job without that freedom scares the hell out of me.

New You – Just Ahead

I’m not trying to push you into doing something that isn’t right for you, but if you are getting those same feelings that an opportunity might be right for you then I encourage you to go for it and invest in yourself.

If you do make that decision, then we’ll be right behind you at, supporting you 100% of the way, pushing you and helping you achieve the success that is in front of you.

What your life looks like in one years’ time is completely dependent upon what you do TODAY…


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