EXCITING NEWS: After 6 LONG months Amazing Selling Machine re-opens to new members for a limited time. Find Out More


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What is Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM is the leading Amazon Training, Coaching and Support Program, teaching a step-by-step business model to start, launch, and scale a successful business with the power of Amazon.

It was the start of an Amazon revolution back in 2013 and is the most successful Amazon training program ever, having helped thousands of people build life-changing businesses now collectively generating $150+million per month in revenue!

ASM have helped over 22,000 people from all over the world sell on Amazon some with zero prior business experience.


Sorry, ASM only opens it's doors to new students from time to time and the registration is currently closed.

This is just the way it works, it opens for new members to join and then they close the doors and work with the people that have joined to get them up and running. Once that group is established then they open the doors for a new group to join.

Click below to join the waiting list and be kept informed when it reopens. We'll also send you our Amazon Starter Pack for free.

Inside the ASM Program:

Step-by-Step Training Videos with Action Steps broken down in an easy to follow order

Weekly Group Coaching Webinars to get you over any roadblocks you encounter

A Dedicated Mentor Team and thriving Member Community to help and advise you

What ASM students are saying...

"The fact that Amazon not only let us sell to their millions of customers but also do all the hard work and ship the orders out to our customers is just mind-blowing. It's the single biggest opportunity of our generation."

"I just like the way that everything’s done in bite-sized chunks so you can work at your own pace and focus on one thing at a time and just get that bit done… then move onto the next bit. It helps prevent feeling overwhelmed."

"The course is step by step… do this first, do that next… it’s amazing how empowering it is to know what you need to do next and not have to work it all out for yourself."

"The way everybody in the ASM community helps each other really struck me. Anytime you need help you have tons of answers within minutes."

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